MONSTROSITY FILMS is a full-service art department, production design, and special effects company, delivering inspiring, award-winning and cost-effective production values to filmmakers throughout the USA and abroad.  While we specialize in independent films, we also supply outstanding creative solutions for television and web commercials, corporate productions, and other media.  

No matter the size of your production or budget, Monstrosity Films will work with you to help realize your vision and exceed your creative expectations.  From finely-crafted props and awesome set pieces, to amazing costumes, ingenious (practical and/or even animatronic) make-up effects, and state-of-the-art, computer-generated visual effects, Monstrosity Films can take your production to the next level; and we can typically do this for far less than one might expect.    

Your production deserves the best “look” possible; and we are committed to helping you achieve that “look.”  This is what we do; and we pride ourselves on the excitement and satisfaction that filmmakers experience when they see their visions brought to life. 

What is ‘Production Design’ and why do I need it?

Because production budgets are often tight, the vast majority of independent films have very modest art departments, or make props, set pieces, and other production assets in piecemeal fashion, as they go.  Unfortunately, this often results in a ‘shabby’ or less-than-professional look that can seriously compromise a production and undermine its commercial potential.  While few independent producers will ‘scrimp’ on the camera department, lighting, editing and other technical elements, which are (rightly) seen as essential, all too often, the need for comprehensive art direction and/or production design (especially when it’s a fantasy, horror, or historical piece) is downplayed or treated as an afterthought.  But what if there were a one-stop creative and cost-effective solution to help indie filmmakers craft and maintain the look and visual integrity of their films, supplying props, costumes, makeup effects, and other artistic assets that are both beautifully creative and affordable?  This is the philosophy and mission of Monstrosity Films.  Beginning in the pre-production phase, we work with filmmakers to help design and achieve their film’s overall visual treatment.  From concept art and detailed storyboards, to the design and fabrication of all artistic assets, we establish the visual “universe” of a film, thus maximizing its cinematic quality and impact, long before the cameras roll.